Why learn C++?

C++ used in the Mars rovers!

C++ can seem very intimidating. You’re probably thinking, ‘I should just stick with what I know. The code is easy to learn. I already have a job. No need to go any further in my career.’
It’s easy to get comfortable with just being a web developer or even a senior C# developer, however, as a C# dev myself I would like to share some of my reasons on why I chose to learn this language.

It will help you learn other languages

It tested & tried that once you have mastered C++, you can learn any other language.

C++ is the foundation of our cell phones, T.V. programming, camera software, robotics, and so much more. Most other programming languages such as JVM, JavaScript V8 engine, Python are based off of C++ making it easier to learn.

It helps you understand computer fundamentals

Operating system, computer architecture, computer networking, compilers are the fundamentals of a computer system.

These fundamentals are easier to understand if you know C++ because these are based on C++.

High salary and popular use

4.4 million developers use this language worldwide. Also, C++ Developers are quite sought after and they hold some of the most high-paying jobs in the industry with an average base pay of $103, 035 per year.

That salary doesn’t end there! Many programmers have flown solo with starting their own business, generating way more than the average base pay.

There is a large community support base

There is a large online community of C++ users and experts that is particularly helpful in case any support is required. There is a lot of resources available on the internet regarding C++. Some of the other online sources for C++ include StackOverflow, cppreference.com, Standard C++, etc.

You can make anything & go anywhere

C++ has been used to create tons of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Google, Microsoft Office, Windows OS, and so much more.

Once you’ve mastered C++, you can go anywhere in your career to help create some of the top software programs in the industry.

In conclusion, C++ can seem very complex to learn, but it is still a good option and is above many other programming languages.

It’s always a good option if you want to be a developer or want to enhance your career in the software industry.



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