I will demonstrate a delay timer & I will showing the results in the console.

First off, create an empty game object and call it Timer.

Now create a C# script — call it whatever you’d like — I’m calling mine ‘Clock’.

In the script, I’ll start by creating an IEnumerator called Delay.

Objective: Play a sequence of explosion sprites when our enemy has been destroyed in the game.

First we need to create a new animation and add the explosion sprite sequence to our enemy prefab. If we look in the Animator window we can see that we have a new anim state for our enemy that is to be controlled by our explosion sequence.

Objective: Have our main menu scale to any screen size

Our canvas by default is not set to adjust to the width and height of our screen. To fix this, we want to head over to our canvas’ inspector.
Under canvas Scaler you’ll see UI Scale Mode and it’s current default setting is Constant Pixel Size.

Chelsea Cruise

Unity Developer, Software Engineer, Game Designer, Graphic Artist

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